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Message from the CEO
Dra. Rosalía Alejandra Martínez Islas

PyMEXporta A.C. México, strongly believe that particularly from Corporate Social Responsibility point of view, transparency in the market is the success formula for both commercial and non-profit objectives.

Several studies show that transparency of information is the vital step forward in business. By saying vital, PyMEXporta AC mean it will bring your business the best choice of products, the best quality buy and the most recent, real-time market information.

However, at the same time transparency is vital for the biological and fair trade market, because it will make farmers in developing countries stronger and more independent, and the consumer can also be involved.

This may sound unreal; however, PyMEXporta A.C. has actually in construction a webpage in order to demostrate this transparency through videotapes, pictures, interviews with organic producers, their work, their houselife, their wife, their childrens, their society, all in a e-MexicanOrganicFreshPortal, where buyers, suppliers, traders and producers can meet without restrictions. PyMEXporta is completely neutral in all transactions, and charges no commissions. This does however leave us with the responsibility and opportunity to focus on CSR as well. This means involving the organic, biological and fair trade market particularly.

The win-win in creating transparency is the fact that in close cooperation with aid organisations, we invite small farmers to join our trading portal.

PyMEXporta are sure, that our next e-MexicanOrganicFreshPortal will be of big value to farmers in México, Central and Southamerica. These farmers generally have great difficulties to access the international market of buyers, which leaves them in a position where they cannot get a good price for their produce. Currently, they are often separated from the mainstream business, so we do all that we can to facilitate these new markets!

We looking for a european partner in order to offer organic and fair-trade market the perfect tool to broaden their range of buyers and their sphere of influence.

It is however not only through our core-business that we move in this direction. Our in-house business complies with our philosophy.

to increase our focus on organic issues, we appointed a Chief Green Officer, probably the first in Mexico.

PyMEXporta A.C. has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility in its core business.

1. PyMEX-transparance

The portal will be a neutral platform without any commissions involved. Any party can access the distribution chain to do business with any other party. The portal enables transparency for all parties involved in five ways: 
Equal access to distribution chain

Any company in the distribution chain can use the portal for its share in the trade. A grower or exporter can show all available products live on the portal. Added qualities such as freshness, availability or appearance, will be thus easy to opt for. Buyers and traders can subsequently find a better market, because they can buy directly from the grower. But interestingly, this opens up opportunities for small farmers to access the international market, allowing them to reach out further in the chain, looking for better prices. 
Combined with the PyMEX AC support service program, the benefit is quadratic, because farmers get: 
their products promoted on the internet market making and match making support publicity through press releases and our media room a dedicated intern for actual on-site support (include banner) more buyers, because we motivate the consumer (PyMEX-consumer) to buy their products.

2. Distribution of the added value
Growers now have various ways to quote to their buyers, depending on their place in the distribution chain. A grower can decide to do business directly with a national importer, or even with a retail chain. In doing so, better prices are an obvious consequence, allowing the farmer a fair share of the profit. 

3. Transparency in quality rating
With so many organizations out there (imposing just as many quality ratings and standards) it becomes practically impossible for buyers to keep track. The portal therefore has a convenient

Grower Rating System

That is a combination of:

Company information (back ground information on the grower/seller)

Product. Rated product information (product quality itself plus previous buyer experiences)

Social. Rated social and environmental behaviour (the way the grower deals with its employees and the environment)

The Co-Product-Social rating is live and is updated continuously, allowing the grower to improve his rating by optimising in one of the rated areas, and at the same time allowing the buyer to actually get what he sees.

Pymex Consumer Products Tracing

Naturally, the consumer is our ultimate decision maker when it comes to choice of products. In our aim to make the distribution chain completely transparent, the consumer has an important place of his own: any consumer can trace the origin of a product by simply entering a unique product code at From that moment on, direct contact is a fact.

Emailing your own farmer?

Is not theoretically possible, but with our portal will happen. In addition, the growers information becomes available, allowing each consumer to select and verify the type of product he requires. Be it Fair trade, organic or social responsible. This service will be free of charge both ways.

PyMEX Support Association assists developing farmers

Many aid organizations wish to assist growers in getting better prices for their products. At the same time, there lies an opportunity to make them aware of environmental responsibilities.

Our e-MexicanOrganicFreshPortal will be the perfect tool for such organizations to:

Assist the grower with export and make his product visible for world buyers.

Give buyers insight into the growers performance on Growers rating issues.

Show commercial activity through a monthly reporting system that offers insight into the commercial activity of the grower, including:

sales -results.

The best way to give a farmer access to the international market is by sponsoring him with a membership to the and as we explained earlier, the mechanism works both ways, because with the implemented tool, the results of a support program can be monitored quite easily.

Our aim is to give as many farmers as possible sponsored access to the portal. The PyME Entrepreneurial Competitiviness for Mexico AC will therefore confer with aid organizations and sponsors about (reduced/joint) membership prices.

Making the distribution chain transparent is a necessary step towards Corporate Social Responsibility. However, this responsibility is a joint effort from the consumer and the corporate buyer, all the way down to the grower on the field.

Lets PyMEXporta Association transparent about it! 

PyMEXporta Association offers a choice of sponsoring programs: 
1. An individual farmer and Cooperation program:
Contributions will automatically be converted into membership(s) to the , farmers thus get access to the entire community of international buyers.

For one full year, or more, this farmer now has complete visibility, and is free to trade with anyone around the globe.

It is possible to sponsor one farmer or holding membership.

The sponsor is directly connected to the farm with options to track progress on-line.

This membership always includes support to the farmer(s) through our mail which includes:

product promotion on the internet
market making and match making support
publicity through press releases and PyMEX-media room
a dedicated intern for actual on-site support (include banner)
more and more buyers, because we motivate the consumer (PyMEX-consumer) to buy social responsible products.
2. Smaller Sponsor Programs (Proyect) 

 It is possible to choose a particular project, for instance an organic growth project such as the pineapple, melon, apple, lemon or mango project or a fair trade project.

The sponsor is directly connected to the farms that participate in the project and can track progress on-line. 
3. Larger Sponsor Programs (Corporate) 
Companies and private sponsors can participate in the financing of larger PyMEX-support programs.

These programs are often in cooperation with aid organizations and/or micro finance organizations.



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